Solutions for changing youth


   Introductory presentations for students (on or off  site)

   Full Weekend Workshops (off site only)

   Full Day Workshops (on site)

    Consultation regarding young women’s issues and supportive solutions

    Parent support  groups

   Staff workshop training

   Weekend Workshop Training

Introductory presentations come in two packages:
1) One-hour on site
2) Two hour on or off site focus groups
3) Two hour on or off site mini workshop

Full Day Workshops (on or off site)
1) Full day workshops
2) Topic specific workshops can be half day

Full Weekend Workshops (overnight workshops)
1) Open to all youth 12-18 years of age hosted by the YWEW
2) Catered to your group needs Weekend Workshops (off site)

Days: Friday night to Sunday early afternoon
Days for shortened workshops: Saturday morning to Sunday early

Consultation and Training
1) Administrative/School Counselor coaching and resource support
2) Staff training on producing and leading
your own Young Women's

Parent Support Groups
1) Two hour parent support groups (on site)

"I learned how important it is to
be a strong individual.  
Standing up for yourself and
pursing you goals is very
important.  I was glad to have
been surrounded by other
kind, open-minded young
women.  No matter how
difficult life is, or how sad you
feel, there will always be
someone to listen.  Thank you

to the facilitators
Jessica age 17

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