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“I’m Somebody Special!”
Held in Sausalito, California at the YMCA Camp Point Bonita.

I have learned so much that I really cherish.  I learned to be more open, confident, relaxed, and loving to myself and others.  Sarah age 16

I have learned so much.  I can’t believe how many girls have so much in common with me.   I’ve learned how to be confident about myself.  I now know that I want to have better relationships.  I deserve better.  I also learned to be more open minded.  DeeAna age 15

I learned that trust is a big issue in making good decisions.  This means in myself and in relationships.  I also learned about attitude and how I use it in relationships.  Hailee age 17

What I have learned is how to communicate better with others.  Also, that my body expressions show a lot of how I’m feeling and that sometimes I really need to check my attitude.  I have also gotten a better understanding of the respect I should have not only for myself but for others.  Patricia age 15

I learned how important it is to be a strong individual.  Standing up for yourself and pursing you goals is very important.  I was glad to have been surrounded by other kind, open-minded young women.  No matter how difficult life is, or how sad you feel, there will always be someone to listen.  Thank you!  Jessica age 17

I have learned so much in just one day.  I have learned that I am not only in a lot of issues I thought nobody would understand.  I also found the confidence in myself to believe in my gut feeling.  I have also made many friendships with other young women.  I have learned to be more open and I am okay with being vulnerable and trusting.  Rachel age 16

“Because I’m Worth It!” Held in Loma Mar, California at the YMCA Camp Loma Mar

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 “Girl Power"
Held in Sausolito, California at the YMCA Camp Point Bonita.

To empower young women to be proud of who they are and gain the tools they need to be successful in their relationships with others.

“While going to the Girl’s Weekend, I got more than what I expected to get out of it. I learned about self-esteem, what you’re attitude can say to people and what exactly your attitude is saying, how much mother’s are a part and influence a girl’s life, and simply being with great women and good friends who have more in common, or even more amazing personalities then you think. One of the best parts is meeting new friends, sharing your emotions, advice and information with other people, and making a bunch of great friends.” - Laura age 15

“Coming here taught me where I stand as a young woman. What my purpose is which is to be as successful as I can be. I made a lot of new friends and also learned how to be a role model for myself and younger young women.” - Jane age 18

“One of the major things I got out of this weekend was the self-assurance and motivation to be my best at everything. I leaned that I am powerful in my own way and all things are possible if I just put my mind to it. You young women have shown and taught me a lot within 2 days and I thank you for that.” - Tashma – age 16

“Go for you Goals: One major thing I’ve learned this weekend is to go for your goals. You and only you can make yourself get there. Your determination, self respect, faith in yourself, and your own heart will all help lead to your dreams. If you just take the first step, whether it be get good grades or to become more sure of yourself. I think that ever girl and young women deserves to have hopes and goals, even if they’re impossible. They should come from the heart and should be followed through by the heart.”- Ashlin age 14

“What I received was respect for everyone that we all have our own opinions and when someone says something mean to me, not to take it so personally. Also, I learned that I don’t always have to have an attitude that there are different ways to solve your problems with family, friends, and guys. I wish that other young women could learn to control their anger and stuff like that more so not everyone’s fighting with them over stupid thing and to solve your problems in a more mature and bigger way. I also learned that trust is the most important thing in a relationship.” - Janelle age 13

“While I have been here I have learned not to rely so much on my boyfriend for answers. Also, not to hate so much especially just because I think someone is prettier than me. I have made a lot of new friends. I am and they are the kind of people that could really help me and I could become close to. I realize that there are people with problems just as bad as mine and some even worse. I need to fill a whole in my heart and I need women and myself mainly to do that. I don’t know exactly how yet but I know it needs to happen.” - Callie age 17

“While I have been here these 3 days I have learned a lot about trust, friendships, and also that I am not alone. Being here has helped me to want to take the steps to make my dreams come true and also to want to become that stronger more powerful woman that everyone has inside of them.” - Nicole age 14

“I got a better understanding of who I am and the thing that I would like to tell a person coming to this weekend is that you shouldn’t be shy or worry about what people think about you on the 1st day because I did and I misses out on a entire day because I wasn’t sure how people would react to me. I also think that when you come here you should be completely honest and forthcoming because it will benefit you in the end.” - Jill age 15

“These are the things I want to pass on to other girls…..1) Respect yourself, keep your self-esteem high. 2) Don’t trust people who aren’t’ trustworthy. 3) Give people a chance and don’t judge too quickly. 4) It’s easier to make enemies, but making friends helps more. 5) Never try to fully understand guys, because it’s impossible” - Heather age 13

“I really liked this weekend. I got a lot about myself. I loved getting to spend 3 days talking about girl problems with people who had many different points of view. I enjoyed all the little activities and got a lot of self-confidence from sharing. This weekend helps you see that you are not alone, that there are a lot of girls out there who share your problems and have been where you’ve been. It helped me see that I deserve the best things a woman can have, and only I can make myself the woman I want to be.” -Marsha age 17

 "Girl Talk Weekend"
Held in Felton, California at Daybreak Camp.

To empower young women to be proud of who they are.
"I want to pass on the strength for young women to love themselves just like I learned this weekend." -Mother To Be age 18

"I would like to bring home to my family and friends a new me. Not entirely but someone that express my feelings to others and not just to people that I know feel the same way. I want to pass on the love and great friendship I know I can give." -Sandra age 16

"What I learned here is that you might think you are alone but you are not. Everyone has problems, maybe like yours. That would mean that you're not alone. Just because you're different and people at home think you are weird, doesn't mean you should shut down and not tell anyone your feelings." –Michelle age 18

"I would like to bring to others the love, openness and understanding that I've been shown." –Hillary age 13

"I would like to give the strength that I have! And the new confidence that I have in myself." –Valerie age 16

"I would like to pass on strength. I want other girls to know that everyone has the same problems. It's ok to be different in your appearance and personally. Have courage to say what you believe." – Jessica age 14

"The things I would want to pass on are: the fun, sharing feelings, self confidence, and love." – Cassandra age 17

I learned to not judge people and I’ve learned to not judge me for what I look like.  This group has given me way better confidence.  Laura age 14

"Girl Pride Weekend"
Held in Boulder Creek, California at Camp Hammer/Saddle Mountain Ranch

Purpose: To create a safe place for young women in the community to learn and discover who they are as women, so that they can open, receive, give, love, trust, accept, and heal.

"I've learned not to worry about what people say about me and not to worry about weight problems. In other words, I have higher self esteem." -Crystal age 12

"Let yourself out and let yourself take the risk of trusting other women you are with at this event. Also, make sure you open yourself to see people for who they are and not what they wear; look for the deeper value." -Laura age 15

"Women are all very similar and if we open up then we can have girlfriends. We think alike, our thoughts and emotions... and go through the same or similar experience and we can relate. It's our pain that holds us back and it's hard to get rid of it. Help the women beside you and learn to become a positive girlfriend." -Angie age 12

"You are not your attitude although you can survive and live through an amazing amount...your attitude doesn't need to." -Shambhavi age 17

"Always be yourself!!! And say what's on your mind!" -Julie age 18

"Some things I'd like to pass are: One, never give up. Two, you can do anything that you put your mind to. Three, always believe in yourself and opening up feels so much better than holding it all inside." -Carisa age 15

"Accept things and people for who or what they are." –Tiffany age 16

"Proud to Be Me Weekend"
Held in Boulder Creek, California at Camp Hammer/Saddle Mountain Ranch

Purpose: To empower young women to be proud of who they are.

"I would like to say that this organization is so cool! I swear, I talked and cried like I never did! I opened up and told complete strangers stuff I didn't talk about with ANYONE! So just open up, put aside your "coolness" for just the weekend. Because there is no one who you need to impress. Just open up!" -Eva age 17

"I got trust from everyone here and I got love from the other girls. I think this weekend was amazing and I think that others should do it." -Beth age 12

"I learned not to judge people and I've learned not to judge me for what I look like. This group has given me way better confidence." -Laura age 14

"I got a lot out of it and I accomplished a lot. I learned how to change my attitude. I'm so glad I came. I also made a lot of friends." -Jasmine age 16

"I gained a lot of confidence and hope for the many wonderful years to come. I hope that everyone realizes how special they really are and that they are not alone in the wonderful game of life." -Melissa age 14

"I want to share with every girl that this is one of the best experiences and that every girl should be proud to be a woman." -Jen age 18

"The most important thing I've learned from this weekend is how to feel. I would not have learned how to gain this if I had not learned how to set aside my "cool" self and let the real me be out in the open and vulnerable to change. I'm glad I was able to do this because I genuinely feel I got the most out of this weekend." -Jana age 15

Young Women's Empowerment Weekend Testimonials
“While I have been here these 3 days I have learned a lot about trust, friendships, and also that I am not alone. Being here has helped me to want to take the steps to make my dreams come true and also to want to become that stronger more powerful woman that everyone has inside of them.” - Nicole age 14