Topics and Methods

Through our innovative approach to working with youth, we coach young women to
embrace who they truly are and who they want to be.  In the process they gain
awareness and understanding of the root causes of their choices, fears, barriers,
and develop the strengths, power and trust skills to make healthier life decisions.


        Have good relationships with themselves and others

        Release anger, pain, and loss without using self destructive behaviors

        Increase their self esteem and body image

        Gain self empowerment, pride, and leadership

        Understand and manage their attitude

        Trust themselves and others

        Have fun and be creative in their own way

        Take responsibility for actions and choices

        Discover the whys of actions and decisions

        Make healthy lifestyle choices

        Identify and overcome their fears

        Dream and achieve goals

        Understand and have a better relationship with their parents

Workshop Methods

        Small/Large Group Process

        Fun and Youth Creativity

        Creative Process

        Teamwork

        Facilitator Guidance

        Team Indoor/Outdoor Activities

“While I have been here I have
learned not to rely so much on
my boyfriend for answers. Also,
not to hate so much especially
just because I think someone is
prettier than me. I have made a
lot of new friends.
  I need to fill
a whole in my heart and I need
women and myself mainly to

do that. ” - Callie age 16

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