About the Young Women's Empowerment Weekends

Since 1998, the Young Women’s Empowerment Workshops have had an exciting approach to guiding our female youth to make healthy life style choices.  Our innovative techniques help youth to uncover the root causes of their pain, anger, and attitudes so they can discover the positive and negative effects of their current choices.  From this new understanding we guide them in their decision to make powerful changes that fit their true self.  


The Young Women's Empowerment Team is a community-based organization committed to young women's success.  Created by and founded by a group of  women in communities across the United States and Canada dedicated to young women embracing their gifts to the world and loving themselves just as they are.  After creating and delivering the first set of Young Women's Empowerment Weekends in 1998 and seeing the amazing impact of these events we decided to branch off and create non-profit organizations dedicated to delivering the Young Women's Empowerment Weekends.   Currently, there is the Young Women's Empowerment Weekend in California and a group in Canada.   Michelle Myers, Co-Founder and Facilitator, operates the California YWEWs with a team of women and young women graduates trained in educating youth .

The facilitators/tem leaders are caring women volunteers in your communities who believe that every person reaching out to help another with genuine caring can change the world. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and YWEW graduates that are dedicated to giving back the gifts we have received in our lives, to continue a legacy of successful relationships and healthy living. Other volunteers that with the behind the sceane support are men, women, and young women graduates who believe that relationship, family, and community are the cornerstones of a healthy and vital society. They embrace that miracles can come true when people in the community work together. We also have several professionals in the field of youth services volunteers.

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About Us
Our Mission  

Our mission is to empower young
women on their journey to
becoming women. We do this by
helping young women understand
their choices, actions, and their true
self. With the support of their peers
and their elders they gain clarity,
inner strength, belonging, and

Our Purpose

To prepare young women for their
journey of self discovery so they can
fully step into the women they are