Past and Present


My hopes for young women is that they believe they are important and matter in this world and are proud of who they are becoming. As a result of our caring and dedication to children's successful future I dream that young women will celebrate their power and greatness thereby strengthening our communities.  For over fifteen years  I have worked and volunteered for various organizations and schools (profit and non-profit) that support women, children, families, and communities gaining more skills and insight into the world of young women and the great need to be a leader in guiding our youth. 



Group Facilitators/Team Leaders
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"This weekend I learned to believe. Love, respect, care for and appreciate myself because if I wont’ no one else will and most importantly because I am worth it.  I learned having relationships with others is important because we can learn, support, and encourage each other.  I learned that if I open up and really try I can forget and let go of the bad past relationship with my mother and start a new." - Karla age 17